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800-207-2021 CU Routing #264278733


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We’ll get you on the road, wherever you want to go and get you home safely. Whether that’s by car, boat, motorcycle, or RV, a CBFCU vehicle or personal loan offers great rates and flexible terms. We’ll help you buy new or used, or refinance your current loan. We can even get you preapproved before you visit the dealership!

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Loan Rates
(Rates as of 1/1/2021)
New Vehicle Rates
Up to 36 Months.008191%2.99%
Up to 48 Months.008904%3.25%
Up to 60 Months.009589%3.50%
Up to 72 Months.010273%3.75%
Used Vehicle Rates – 2020-2019
Up to 36 Months.008904%3.25%
Up to 48 Months.009589%3.50%
Up to 60 Months.010273%3.75%
Used Vehicle Rates – 2018-2017
Up to 36 Months.010958%4.00%
Up to 48 Months.011643%4.25%
Up to 60 Months.012328%4.50%
Used Vehicle Rates – 2016-2015
Up to 36 Months.013013%4.75%
Up to 48 Months.013150%4.80%
Up to 60 Months.013671%4.99%
Used Vehicle Rates – 2014 and Older
Up to 48 Months.017123%6.25%
2021-2020 RVs & Farm Tractors
Up to 48 Months.011643%4.25%
Up to 60 Months.012328%4.50%
Up to 72 Months.013013%4.75%
Up to 120 Months.015753%5.75%
Used RVs & Farm Tractors – 2019-2012
Up to 48 Months.013698%5.00%
Up to 60 Months.014383%5.25%
Used RVs & Farm Tractors – 2011 and Older
Up to 48 Months.017808%6.50%
Small Personal RVs – 2021
Up to 60 Months.017808%6.50%
Small Personal RVs – 2020-2011
Up to 48 Months.019178%7.00%
New Garden Tractors
Up to 42 Months.015753%5.75%
Signature Loans
Up to 60 Months.0281%10.25%
Up to 36 Months.0267%9.75%
Up to 24 Months.0253%9.25%
Up to 12 Months.0240%8.75%
Share Secured Loan
This APR will vary with the market based on the dividend rate.0055%2.10%
Certificate Secured Loan
This APR will vary with the market based on the dividend rate.0057%2.50%
Student Loans
Up to 60 Months.0219%8.00%

Interest rates listed may vary based on credit. The rates listed are available for members with 700+ beacon scores.

Rates subject to change at any time.


Know what you can afford before you start shopping. Get pre-approved before you visit the car dealer.