800-207-2021 CU Routing #264278733

800-207-2021 CU Routing #264278733

Digital Wallet

Benefits of a Digital Wallet

Digital wallets are mobile apps that securely store your Debit Card information to be available wherever you are. This can be used in-store, online, or in apps, all you need is your phone!

No Fees

Contactless Pay


1. Extra convenience

Whether you’re shopping online, in a store, or in an app, your digital wallet is available with your information for an easy checkout! Most digital wallets let you transfer and request money making it easy to split the bill if out with friends. Transactions are as easy as holding your phone over the payment terminal and verifying the purchase. Most purchases can be completed in seconds and no more typing in your entire card number every time you’re online shopping on your phone.

2. Your information is safe

Digital wallets were built with security in mind. Your information is encoded reducing any security risks. If you misplace your physical card, it is easy for someone to get all your information. With digital wallets, if you were to misplace your phone, they all have a two-step authorization to access the card information, on top of having a password to get into your phone in the first place. Your card is fully linked to your CBFCU online banking account, so you will still be able to see all transactions as if you were still actually swiping the card. 

3. Free access

Digital wallets are free to use whether it’s Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, there are no extra fees to add in your card! You can have multiple cards in your digital wallet to have your wallet on the go.